Let Aqua-Rex be your Valentine Gift


A couple of years ago in April I got a call from a lady called Peggi from Stockton California who told me that she had been given an Aqua-Rex “No Salt Softener” for a Valentine present by her husband. I have heard stories, and ones without happy endings, of wives being given vacuum cleaners or ironing boards as Valentine presents – they are not a very smart choice, so I was braced to receive a tirade of invective from this Peggi. Instead I got a torrent of fulsome praise of how wonderful it was, “My hair is so much softer and easier to maintain”, she absolutely loved it. She said it’s completely transformed the water in her home. “It’s now so soft, the soap lathers better, and I can feel so much difference on my skin as well as my hair being wonderful”, she couldn’t stop telling me how great it was. “The laundry is so much better too and I don’t have to buy conditioners like before”.

I have been selling Aqua-Rex for many years as a de-scaler – it stops scale forming in water heaters and on showerheads and worktops – a wonderful product for dealing with scale from hard water, but I had never really appreciated how women value anything so much that can improve their hair. This was a wake-up call for me. Maybe we have been selling it wrong all this time?

Aqua-Rex makes water softer by getting the scale that would normally form on pipes and heaters to form instead as a powder in the water. The dissolved calcium that makes water hard comes out of solution and into suspension like chalk dust in the water. This “dust” does not react with soap which therefore lathers better, it doesn’t leave scum and the water is softer on the skin and the laundry. The only difference is you don’t get that slippery slimy feel in the water that a conventional softener causes. Some people will miss the slipperiness – in my experience not many!

Aqua-Rex is a really simple install that a homeowner can do themselves in ten minutes – you don’t need a plumber – and it’s also simple to remove so if you are a renter you can take it with you to your new home. It is also priced so everyone can afford it. You might hear someone talking about “Snake Oil” but this is a product that has unique performance verification from IAPMO R & T Labs – the “Plumbing Police” and they don’t certify “Snake Oil”

Aqua-Rex is truly a “No Salt Softener”. It can do as good a job as a softener but at much lower cost. It doesn’t need any space and most importantly doesn’t need to be fed with salt. It needs no maintenance nor servicing so it’s 100% reliable.

So this Valentine Day surprise your partner and ask for an Aqua-Rex.

What’s on your water – it better be an Aqua-Rex.

Jonny Seccombe – President – Aqua-Rex LLC or

Why Aqua-Rex?

Aqua-Rex stands as an innovative electronic Physical Water Conditioner, trusted since 1993 for its effective hard water treatment in the UK and across international boundaries. Widely adopted in diverse environments such as homes, schools, offices, factories, and hotels, its popularity is evident with hundreds of thousands of units operating successfully around the globe. This system is engineered to prevent scaling, significantly prolonging the lifespan and efficiency of water appliances and plumbing systems.

Remarkably, it softens hard water without resorting to salts, positioning it as an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious. Designed for user convenience, Aqua-Rex is straightforward to install, and once in place, it demands no routine maintenance. As a testament to its enduring quality, the product comes with a robust 20-year warranty. Setting it further apart, Aqua-Rex is the only conditioner recognized with US independent third-party performance verification.

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