No Salt Softener

No Salt Softener

Aqua-Rex is THE water softener alternative for homes and businesses with independent third party performance verification from IAPMO R&T Labs in Ontario CA.

No Salt Softener

Aqua-Rex is THE water softener alternative for homes and businesses with independent third party performance verification!

Aqua-Rex for the Ladies

Aqua-Rex is the ideal solution for ladies looking to enjoy the benefits of softer water for smoother skin and silkier hair. This innovative system effectively reduces scaling and keeps it at bay, ensuring that your plumbing and appliances remain free from the damaging effects of hard water. As a result, you’ll experience softer, more radiant skin and hair without the need for expensive skincare products or hair treatments.

One of the added advantages of Aqua-Rex For Ladies is its energy-saving capabilities. By preventing scale buildup in your water pipes and appliances, it allows them to function more efficiently, ultimately reducing your energy consumption and utility bills. Plus, our system requires no ongoing maintenance with salt, making it hassle-free to own and operate.

No Salt Softener

Aqua-Rex is THE water softener alternative for homes and businesses with independent third party performance verification from IAPMO R&T Labs in Ontario CA

100-Day Money Back Guarantee

No hassle – No question

Try Aqua-Rex now, you have nothing to lose but your limescale.


Why Aqua-Rex?

Aqua-Rex stands as an innovative electronic Physical Water Conditioner, trusted since 1993 for its effective hard water treatment in the UK and across international boundaries. Widely adopted in diverse environments such as homes, schools, offices, factories, and hotels, its popularity is evident with hundreds of thousands of units operating successfully around the globe. This system is engineered to prevent scaling, significantly prolonging the lifespan and efficiency of water appliances and plumbing systems.

Remarkably, it softens hard water without resorting to salts, positioning it as an eco-friendly choice for the environmentally conscious. Designed for user convenience, Aqua-Rex is straightforward to install, and once in place, it demands no routine maintenance. As a testament to its enduring quality, the product comes with a robust 20-year warranty. Setting it further apart, Aqua-Rex is the first conditioner recognized with US independent third-party performance verification.

Aqua-Rex Frequently Asked Questions

Aqua-Rex is the device with the first US independent third-party performance verification. When tested by IAPMO R&T Labs it showed it could reduce scaling by 83% in Las Vegas water heated to 180°F for 23 hours.

Aqua-Rex is simple to install. Just wrap the wires around the inlet pipe to the water heater. Second choice would be on the softener loop or third choice anywhere else on the cold-water supply. Remember the signal goes in both directions, upstream and downstream so you don’t need to pass the water through the wires to have it treated. Just plug the transformer into an outlet – that is all you have to do. No set up or calibrating and it needs no servicing, supplies or maintenance, it is Plug and Play. It cost around $20 a year in electricity. There are no pipes to cut or plumbing to play with so it’s perfect if you are a Renter. Just remember to take it with you when you move home.

Aqua-Rex treats all the water in the home, all the time. It sends a signal into the water heater even when no water is flowing, and it also sends a signal back into the cold supply in the rest of the home so mixing valves, showerheads and kitchen faucets won’t get scaled up either. It is OK to treat the water to the kitchen faucet because it doesn’t add unhealthy sodium to the water, instead it retains the healthy calcium.

Aqua-Rex doesn’t use any salt or chemicals and it doesn’t produce any environmentally unfriendly discharges. It needs no maintenance or servicing and it costs hardly anything to run. It doesn’t add any unpleasant taste to the water or risk any additional corrosion to your plumbing system. It’s a lot less expensive to buy, install and maintain.

Aqua-Rex reduces scaling like a softener, but it also gets rid of the old scale in the home which a softener won’t do. It softens hot water, so you use less soap and detergents, but you don’t get that slippery feel to the water from the sodium dumped in by a softener. It can deliver about the same benefits as a conventional water softener, and there’s no salt to haul!

You can wrap the Aqua-Rex wires on any type of pipe material: plastic or metal, even the flexible copper inlet pipe to the water heater.

Aqua-Rex is great for clearing the calcium scale from tiles and water features. It reduces scaling in the saltwater chlorine generator and makes the biocide work more efficiently. It reduces phosphates thus making the pool clearer. The WK1P is fully waterproof and should be installed on the circulating line after the pump. Ask for Aqua-Rex in your local pool store or see the equivalent Jacuzzi de-scaler in your local Leslie’s Pool Supplies.

The answer is no! The pump in the dishwasher reduces the effectiveness of Aqua-Rex so you need to use a good hard water detergent and most importantly a hard water rinse aid, such as Lemi Shine ®, which is available from most stores. If you follow these instructions you should be happy with the results from the dishwasher. Laundry washing machines work better with Aqua-Rex.

Aqua-Rex units are available for all pipe sizes and are installed on hotels, condos, industrial plants and cooling towers. They are used in schools, colleges and military bases, everywhere that hard water is a problem.

“It doesn’t make sense to pollute the little water there is with salt, when Aqua-Rex can do much the same job as a water softener – and for a lot less money!”

Jonny Seccombe, President

Aqua-Rex Products

  • WK1P For Swimming Pools

    • Descales pool walls and reduces scale in salt cells


Installation, Operation & Maintenance

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